Here Are Some of Our Children.

  Freddy Playing Piano at Sunday School

 Our youngest child is a son, Freddy Haynes. He is blind and autistic.
He lives here at home with us. Freddy is in his forties. As with many
autistic people, Freddy has a few areas of special talents, such as
music although he is low in many other areas of general ability. Freddy
has perfect pitch. He can immediately tell you the note or cord that is
played. His memory allows him to remember the music without being
able to see the music. He has a tremendous sense of humor and a good
attitude on life.        . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Levelle and Mildred Haynes

                  Keith Foy
Keith Foy is the 14 yr. old son of Don and Anna Keith Foy of Grayson.
He is enjoys Boy Scouts, playing video and computer games,
watching game shows and football, and eating out. He is in 8th
grade at Caldwell Parish Jr. High School. He has two brothers,
Shaun, 23, and Kevin, 10, and two sisters, Michelle, 27, and Alicia, 5.

 Scott Cook


  Thirty year old Scott Cook, the oldest son of Barbara & Marty Cook, is deaf and autistic. Deaf since birth, Scott was not identified as autistic until age ten. He attended the Louisiana School for the Deaf until age 22 and is fluent in sign language. He loves fans, drawing, Bugs Bunny movies, Jamie Lee Curtis and calendars. He makes his own calendars and each night arranges his own special stickers to denote Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow. He decorates his room each month, celebrating holidays and other special occasions from his calendar. Scott is very friendly and always has a beautiful smile. He loves to go to stores such as Lowe's, where he can enjoy their many fans! Scott's parents continue to work with a local agency toward Supported Employment and eventually a Supported Living opportunity for their son.

  Zack Hilburn

Zack Hilburn is the son of Dianne and Tom Hilburn of West Monroe La. He is 12 yrs old. He attends Riser Middle School in our home town. Zack has two sisters Kasey 13 yrs old and Lauren 10 yrs old. Zack has a few favorite things: one is he loves to play out doors any time of the year as long as it is not raining. If it is raining and cold he will sit at the dinning room window to watch it rain. He likes to ride a scooter and a bike but he does not peddle the bike he just rides it down the drive way. He loves school and gets mad if He misses the bus and has to be taken to school. On those days Ijust keep him home. His all time favorite thing is big truck books. These are magazines that have only big trucks (18 wheelers) in them. He sleeps with all his new big truck books and in a weeks time they look as if they are 5 years old. He likes the thrifty nickel but only the automobile adds in it. If there is a paper around with automobile ads in it you can bet he will find it. If you look close enough in the picture you will see that he has a GMC truck add in front of him. This was the only way we could get him to take a good picture for us.


Jon Huggins

    Jonathan Huggins, now 27, is the youngest of our three sons. He was identified as autistic in 1987 at the age of twelve. Jon is intensely interested in TV and sports of all types. He can't wait for the TV Guide to hit the stands so he can consume the information therein. He can literally tell you what is on any station, any hour, any day of the week! His favorite programming is C-SPAN whenever Congress is in session. When he finished school he wanted to go to Washington D.C. so he could visit Congress and "sit in the gallery from gavel to gavel". We made that trip and were amazed that he sat perfectly quiet and was enthralled by the proceedings. Much to our surprise he knew EVERY Representative by name and state – and pointed them out wherever we saw them – on the street, in a restaurant, etc. [We had no idea he possessed this knowledge.] Although Jon functions far below his chronological age, he is very verbal and craves social interaction. He knows how to draw total strangers into a conversation with a question such as "Pardon me, what time do you have?" Then he reels them in to a one-sided discourse on TV, Congress, or sports. It's amazing how patient and kind people are. Jon now volunteers in the Recreational Dept. of the local War Veterans' Home from 8-2 each day, where his beautiful smile and outgoing personality are great assets!      
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Lynda & Jim Huggins
    Nathaniel Lee Powers

    Nathanial Lee Powers-Calhoun    Nate, now four, was diagnosed with Autism at the age three. He lost his speech after his shots. I recently got him potty trained by using the (It's Potty Time kit). He is currently on the DAN progam under the care of Dr Stephanie Cave M.D. And it is working! He has started to say a few word's. Nathaniel love's the computer and I have been teaching him on the computer. Nathaniel is a student at Mangham Elementary He is also in the speech progam